#11 Willing To Die Trying
#11 Willing To Die Trying | Watercolor 11X15

Willing to Die Trying is inspired by a baby chick who I foud dead on the pavement while heading to the gym. On my way to the gym I kept thinking about this poor chick who didn’t make it, there was nothing I could have done, he was dead. But it got me thinking, this little bird didn’t die in vain, he died trying to fly. He was not confined by his nest, I’m sure there was a struggle and it took a lot of courage to make the leap, he was brave. For this reason, I relate it to us, most of us are too afraid to make that leap that will take us to the skies. We want to fly so badly but we still don’t take that leap. This motivated me to make that jump, I am an artist and a while ago I did not value myself as an artist. I decided to take that leap and as simple as it is, what is the worst thing that is going to happen? Death? We are all heading there anyway, that is why I am willing to die trying. Take your leap!

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