Meet Jevus



Jevus Vougler was born somewhere frightening and dark where nothing could endure in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Although he never stood out, his fluorescent imagination did. Jevus learned to see realism through the different colors of fantasy by creating his own reality in art form.

In 1995 His grandmother brought him to Tustin, California, U.S.A. where he grew up next to his aunt who did her best to raise him. Right after graduating high school he began his 10 year travel around the west coast where he found love for his new country and street photography. He is momentarily settled in the desert of Tucson, Arizona where he enjoys improving his watercolor skills and taking life one day at a time.

“I was that weird kid with the disposable camera trying to freeze his most beautiful life moments.”

His influences are beautifully disturbing by adapting a style made of dark corners and brighter surfaces to create an intricate contrast between pain and pleasure that make a comprehensible and blazing interpretation.

His mission is to create a visual conversation that raises questions about identity that exposes hidden feelings. He incorporates timeless symbolism and imagery of life and death that reflect the story’s beginning and ending. Stories with flaws but free of judgment so they can be enjoyed and understood by distinguishing the positive from the negative. A story’s translation from language to visual art from a single piece to a whole collection

Jevus leads his art with passion and pride and his blueprint reflect his essence, curiosity, and ambitions for a hope that his viewers can relate and feel a bond to at least one piece.

Weather art or photography, his artistic expression are channeled by fashion, contemporary movements, nature, city and feeling.

His art can be found in various locales from his favorite pizza restaurant in New Mexico to his most intimates friend’s homes. He has won multiple awards for his art and has donated a few statement pieces for charity.

Please contact Jevus Vougler for any questions and inquiries and don’t forget to follow his adventure on Instagram.

“After many years of practice and private sales and viewings; I’ve experienced my art’s positive impact on my friends and strangers who I meet and this is why I decided to take my art public. If I can help someone color their white wall and that makes them happy, why not make it available for everyone to enjoy?! It would be an honor to have my art hanging on your wall weather is a painting or a photograph. Thank you for your support!”

– Much LOVE Jevus Vougler.